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SomaRenew - Phytoplankton Supplement
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SomaRenew - Phytoplankton Supplement

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SOMARENEW™ is a supplement with two special ingredients that, through their combination, turn out to be extremely valuable for the body during a detoxification program.

The two SOMARENEW™ ingredients are: 

  • MARINE PHYTOPLANKTON: these micro algae contain many vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, omega 3 oil and other natural substances.

  • BLACK FULVIC ACID: is an important component of humus. Humus substances are the most important organic substances of soil, many high-altitude brooks, dystrofic lakes and waters. It is generated through biological degradation of dead organic material and consists of very well absorbable micro- and trace nutrients.


The best time to use SOMARENEW™ is right after a detox program.

NET CONTENT: 120 capsules