Price increase from August 20 – NaturalSlim Europe

We have moved our distribution center to Madrid. Shipments to all of Europe in 3-6 working days.

Price increase from August 20

Dear Customer,

Since we import all NaturalSlim supplements from the United States, European NaturalSlim prices are directly dependent on the US dollar exchange rate.

The dollar/euro exchange rate has been fairly stable for a long time, but in the past year the Dollar has risen significantly in exchange rate against the euro.

The dollar is now over 16% more expensive resulting in a proportionately higher cost of NaturalSlim products. 

In addition, we have had to deal with increased shipping and logistics costs due to increased energy prices.

Unfortunately as a result of this we are forced to increase the prices of the NaturalSlim products by approximately 10% in order to continue to guarantee availability in Europe. 

The price increase will take place on Saturday 20 August.

The NaturalSlim team