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NaturalSlim Personal Program™ - ENGLISH
NaturalSlim Personal Program™ - ENGLISH
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NaturalSlim Personal Program™ - ENGLISH

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If you want to slim down in a fast and responsible way with a permanent result, your best chance is participating in the NATURALSLIM® Personal Program.

The main reasons why slimming down can be so cumbersome is a too slow conversion (metabolism) of nutrition into energy, muscle mass and life spirit. NaturalSlim™ is a program with the primary purpose of recovering normal metabolism.

NaturalSlim™ offers you the most efficient system of natural aids available to improve your metabolism. You will be able to again eat plenty and diverse, thus providing your body the fuel it really needs. Losing weight becomes a pleasant consequence of a properly functioning metabolism

As a member of the NaturalSlim™ Personal Program you will receive all essential supplements recommended in the book “The Power of Your Metabolism”, a Personal Program Manual, a measuring tape to monitor your progress and custom-made advice and guidance of one of our Certified Metabolism Consultants.

If you live near a NATURALSLIM® center, you can visit your metabolism consultant weekly. When living further away or when you prefer remote contact, consultancy will be done by phone or email.

Your metabolism consultant will guide you through your program until you have reached your personal goal.

There is no other more effective way to handle a slow metabolism than participating in this unique NATURALSLIM® Personal Program.

    The program includes:

    • The Power of Your Metabolism book 
    • Weekly consults with a certified metabolism consultant, free of charge
    • NATURALSLIM® Personal Program Manual (FREE)
    • Measuring tape to take your size (FREE)
    • RELAXSLIM™ Supplement
    • METABOLIC PROTEIN™ Strawberry
    • COCO-10 PLUS™
    • STRESS DEFENDER™ Supplement
    • SomaRenew™
    • MAGICMAG™ Supplement
    • KADSORB™ Kalium supplement